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The Chase gets new spin off program

The popular TV show, The Chase, is getting a prime time spin off program called “Beat the Chasers”

Based on the same concept as the hugely popular Chase, individual contestants will play cash builder rounds up to £5000 then go head to head with the Chasers rather than working as a team. They will get choices like taking less money to face less chasers and vice versa.

Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha and Shaun Wallace will all be returning in the new show.

There is a catch though. If a contestant gets the first question wrong that are automatically eliminated from the show. Bradley Walsh will be returning as the host.

Jeremy Clarkson defends his friend Ramsey

Television show presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, defended his pal Gordon Ramsey for taking his family to their second home in Cornwall to see out the corona virus lockdown.

Locals are not happy with people coming to their second homes, saying it will only put an incredible strain on local services, already stretched to the limit.

But Clarkson, 60, said in his column he writes for the Times newspaper that the local people are just suffering from “petty jealousy” and “bitterness”

Ramsey will stay with his family at their £4 million house until the lockdown is over.

Josh Brolin apologises

Avengers star Josh Brolin has apologised to fans and feels “humbled” after visiting his Dad James and step mother Barbra Streisand during lockdown.

He had visited his parents with wife Kathryn and children in tow, who only live next door, then posted a video of the meeting with the family all standing round the swimming pool wearing masks. Fans slammed him for his irresponsible behavior, saying that he had put his ageing parents at risk of the corona virus.

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