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Uefa Urges Completion of European Leagues

Uefa’s Executive Committee has encouraged its member associations to finish all domestic competitions that were suspended due to coronavirus.

European football’s governing body discussed the situation via a video conference meeting.

Finalize in usual way

Ideally, Uefa concluded that it would prefer all domestic leagues to be finalized in the usual way. If this is not possible, then its recommended that leagues continue with a different format. Uefa said that this would enable clubs to qualify for next season’s European competitions on “sporting merit”.

Yet official government legislation banning events, or severe football related economic problems, were considered legitimate reasons to terminate a league.

So far the Dutch Eredivisie have said it was unlikely it would continue until 1st September, due to government restrictions.

The Belgian Pro League has already confirmed that its season is cancelled.

It was the first major European league to make this decision on 2 April.

The Premier League has said its committed to completing all remaining fixtures.

40 day window

A 40 day window scenario to finish the season has been put forward.

While La Liga could begin on 28 May in a best case scenario, according to its president Javier Tebas.

National football associations would have the freedom to choose which teams would qualify for European competitions, if leagues are cancelled.

The Executive Committee said that the choices of teams would have to be made purely for sporting reasons.

Uefa explained they could refuse a club entry into the Champions League or Europa League.


It would make this decision if any domestic league had been terminated, without adhering to Uefa guidelines.

Or if the procedure to select a club was deemed to be subjective, and not based on sporting merit.

Any public outpouring of criticism over the choice of a club selected for European competition, would also be reviewed.



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