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Valencia Region to receive 50,000 test kits

Valencia Region CoronaVirus Initiative

As part of the huge PPE and medical equipment package rolled out by Spain, 50,000 rapid antibody testing kits are being delivered to the Valencia Region.

This is part of a national program where more than 2,000,000 kits have been distributed across Spain.

In addition, to date there have been  over 50,000,000 face masks distributed. Many delivered locally to higher risk residents, and travel points such as bus stations and taxi ranks.

Items such as gloves (25,000,000 units), disposable gowns (300,000 units) and aprons etc (750,000 unit) have also been distributed under the initiative.

Spain’s current fatality rate is 22,524, with 219,764 reported cases. Good news is that there are 92,355 reported cases of recovery.

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