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Will Spain and other European Countries follow Belgium’s plan to relax lockdown

Sophie Wilmès, Belgium’s PM has set out a schedule for relaxing lockdown in Belgium from May 11th.

Conjecture on whether Spain and other European Countries will follow, continues.

Belgium’s Proposed Schedule
  • 4th May Cloth and fabric supplies shops to open
  • 11th May Retail Shops to reopen.
  • 18th May Schools to reopen with class size restrictions of 10 per class and social distancing in place.
  • 8th June Cafés and Restaurants

Wilmès made it very clear that “nothing is set in stone”.

Belgium has 45,000 positive cases and  6,900 deaths. The majority of these fatalities within care homes. With a population of just 11.4 million people, these figures statistically seem high. however, Belgium does include care home fatalities in it’s official figures.

Hospital reported fatalities have been consistently falling.

Belgium’s lockdown began a day before Spain on the 12th march.

With all Belgium adults required to wear masks in Public, cloth and fabric shops will be the some of the first outlets to open. They should be allowed to open earlier on 4th May.

The big question on many peoples lips right now, is will Spain and other European Countries follow suit? It is possible many will see what happens in Belgium first before committing to a lockdown exit strategy.

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