1 in 4 Covid deaths had diabetes NHS England says
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1 in 4 Covid deaths had diabetes NHS England says

26% of the 22,332 people who died since 31 March, had diabetes as an underlying health condition NHS England has confirmed.

This works out at 5,873 people.

Only 6% of the entire UK population is diabetic according to diabetes.co.uk.

The figures of whether those who had type 1 and type 2 has not been released.

Doctors have stated that high blood sugar levels can weaken the patient’s immune system defense, making it slower to respond to viruses.

Diabetes is also closely connected with being overweight which has been recognised as potential risk factors for suffering severe coronavirus complications.

Doctors today said diabetics would have better COVID-19 outcomes if they managed their condition properly.

People with dementia or respiratory problems are also among those most at risk of dying after contracting the coronavirus, according to new NHS figures.

Some 14% (3,214 deaths) had chronic kidney disease as an underlying health issue.

The Government’s official death tally shows that 33,614 people have died of COVID-19 in the UK.

From today, the NHS has started to publish rolling information on the conditions of COVID-19 victims which can be found on their websites.

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