50% of young people admit to breaking lockdown rules, study finds
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50% of young people admit to breaking lockdown rules, study finds

The confidence in the UK government has dropped by older citizens as ‘young people’ admit to defying lockdown rules in a new study released today.

Researchers from the University College London surveryed nearly 100,000 adults and found those under 30 most dissatisfied with the lockdown measures regarding coronavirus.

Also in the find, astonishingly less than 50% of younger adults are “completely” complying with UK Covid-19 laws such as staying apart from each other and staying at home.

The survey was conducted to see how regular people are coping with the indefinite lockdown period with nearly all of the economy coming to a close in March.

However, Dr Daisy Fancourt from University College London, noted that, despite the lack of discipline from younger citizens in the UK, there had been “generally a very high” level of people sticking to the government’s lockdown advice, mainly the over 30s.

Even though the lockdown was eased nearly two weeks ago on May the 10th, people have still been flouting rules.

Images yesterday on the hottest day of the year so far in the UK showed thousands of people flocking to beaches completely incoherent to the government’s rulings.

Downing Street have ordered a minimum fine of £100 to those deemed to be ignoring social distancing rules, up from £30 at the start of the lockdown.

Over 14,000 UK citizens have been reported to have been fined since March the 23rd, however, statistics for age brackets for those fined are yet to be released.

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