9 year old infected with Coronavirus has died
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9 year old infected with Coronavirus has died

A child from Marseille, southern France, who was carrying the Covid-19 disease has died it has been reported.

Public Health France confirmed the 9 year old had other ailments such as Kawasaki syndrome and rare myocarditis, a heart -functioning problem.

The boy died at La Timone hospital in Marseille in what doctors labelled an ‘extremely rare’ death, according to French media.

Professor Fabrice Michel, head of the Institut de biologie moleculaire, backed this up by confirming that the child had been infected with the coronavirus and explains that he then developed “what is thought to be myocarditis”. According to him, such a case remains ” extremely rare”.

Since the end of last month, more than 100 children around France were reported to have been diagnosed with the disease, including the boy who died in Marseille.

Public health authorities’ in France said resuscitation had been needed for 65 children who had been diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease.

Of those who needed resuscitation, 25 were being cared for in critical care units.

The tragedy comes after a 14-year-old boy with Kawasaki Disease died at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London, in the first known death linked to the illness in England since the pandemic began at the start of the year.


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