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A Dead Body Washes Up On The Beach On Spain’s Costa Del Sol At Estepona

Estepona beach has experienced a deadly body washing up on it and the police are currently investigating the situation 

Walkers on the beach yesterday evening were startled to find the gruesome sight of a lifeless corpse as it washed up onto the sands and immediately called the police around 9pm.

Police quickly attended the scene with emergency services who quickly confirmed there was no sign of life.

Officers quickly surrounded the corpse and covered it with white sheets before calling for a body bag before the dead body could be taken away in an ambulance.

No more details are currently available although eyewitness Adam Brown told the   RTN what he saw:

“Thankfully I didn’t see the body, I walked past as they were covering sheets over it, but it was a disturbing experience to witness, the body was then surrounded by screens before the next thing we saw was the body bag on a stretcher going into the ambulance”

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