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African country bans face masks – also reopen schools and shops

The President of Tanzania has reportedly banned the use of face masks after noting that “face mask usage has caused anxiety among Tanzanians.”

Dr John Pombe Magufuli, who has been leader of the country since 2015, feels his people should not have to wear them due to CO2 emissions.

In a letter dated 24th of May, which was sent to media outlets across the world, through the Director of Presidential Communication in Tanzania, it outlined that he president effected the ban on face masks as well as giving the green light of normal operation of public transportation and also the reopening of of schools.

The letter was sent to reporters and said:

“To The Media,

President of The Republic of Tanzania Dr John Pombe Magufuli has today on 24, May 2020 banned the use of face masks by Tanzanians as the usage has caused fear and panic to Tanzanians leading to some closing down their businesses.His excellency The President has also allowed normal resumption of public transport as well as normal resumption of schools.We thank God for the defeat against Corona, let continue to wash hands to observe hygene, Bye Corona.”

Tanzania has had lack rules regarding the virus with President Magafuli downplaying the corona pandemic and saying that America ‘makes up numbers’ regarding the cases and deaths.

He and his ministers have also recently told the American envoy to Tanzania not to ’cause panic’ to Tanzanians after the American embassy in the capital, Dar es Salaam, stated that the chance of contracting the virus was “extremely high”.

The President of Tanzania had also brushed off pressure from the west to put his country in lockdown, keeping establishments open and even churches saying: “Coronavirus cannot survive in churches!”

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41 Replies to “African country bans face masks – also reopen schools and shops

  1. I live in Tanzania. Personally I don’t believe the mask effect and I don’t support wearing a mask, however people in Tanzania still wear masks and some public places don’t allow you to enter without wearing a mask so this article is somehow not authenticity. I’ve never heard Magufuli banned the mask.

  2. Good for you. People in other countries. Are morons. Back in 1970’s there were almost 3 million people who died from a flu from another country. No body shut down the US for that. I hope other countries follow suite.

  3. Kudos to Common Sense which appears to be absent from the hypnotized masses!

    If enough people were able to actually wake up from their brainwashed-stupor this hostile takeover of all of our rights & freedoms would cease immediately.

    Social distancing is not for your safety it’s for the benefit of the next generation of Biometrics tracking systems.

    Masks are Muzzles.

    Wash Your Hands often!
    Protect the Elderly & compromised.
    This is All that is required!

  4. Well done Mr. President. Even though Covid-19 is real, it’s not as dangerous as they are portraying to frighten everybody so that they can implement their devilish so called mandatory vaccines.

    A friend of mine in the U.S.A. had Covid-19. He was so weak when he called me. I just instructed him to put slice of lemon 🍋 into hot water and drink. And also to boil lemon grass (fever grass) and drink as tea. He did it and now he is recoved.
    To me, I don’t see the reason why Africans leaders allow the West to dictate to them regarding what to do.

  5. Good that they didn’t lock down! Unfortunately they are still praying to a god taken to Africa by slave traders!

    Corona will spread in Churches, social distancing is the only thing that will stop the spread.

  6. The most important activity of life is breathing. It must be done with out any hindrance. With cool and comfort. Wearing mask for any reason is un natural and unhealthy.
    Congratulations to Tanzanian President for banning face mask.
    I hope my Government will also do the same soon.
    K.Viswambharan, Kerala, India.

    1. Yes praise God African nations are finally begining to take a stand against other western and Asian nations and corrupt orgaisations such as WHO , IMF and World Bank dictating how they should run their countries.
      May God continue to strengthen them, protect them and give them wisdom😂💕💕💕

    1. Can someone please educate other leaders in Africa. They are opening schools but want little kids to wear masks. I consider this inhumane. They need to breathe fresh air. This whole virus is one big lie and driven by fear. Please Mr Tanzanian President talk some sense into other leaders.

  7. Thank you Tanzania for leading the world for freedom and health and happiness! I am so deeply ashamed of my country, the United States of America. It has not been a free country for a long time and it gets worse every day. The gullibility of the people here, and how they blindly follow orders, And don’t even recognize when the government is stealing from them and taking away their health and their basic rights. Thank you thank you thank you so much Tanzania. I am praying the rest of the world will catch on and stop these Nazis who are ruling the world.

    1. Hello TANXANIA5 and AFRICA..frim p Philippines..

      Please read..ypur presuP ident7 is RIGHT…W.H.O BILL GATES “Contagion prrdictiveI modeling”” IS THE WRONG dangerously. Destructive one and with an EVIL INTENT bug EVEN ITALY. IS NOW recognizing how FAKE it all is
      Please read

  8. Praise God ,Mr President,am behind you,many people in Africa die of other illiness,leaders steal money that would have been used, doctors so corrupt,some nurses rotten,if you want to get facts, visit the toilets at referral hospitals.

  9. If only Australia where I live was blessed with the wisdom of the Tanzanian leader! The various government leaders here have imposed very strict restrictions which a low death rate did not warrant.

    1. Peter, the low death rate will be credited to those measures. Can you see that argument? It’s not my argument, though. I had many things to say, from the very beginning of the “Stay at home” command that made me turn off the television, to which no one responded.

      You can find my comments on Facebook, from which I followed this story, if you are registered there. Olivia Irving, my thumbnail is a Bible and I live in London, England.

  10. Why does this article fail to mention that this very president sent test kits in and they came back positive on a mango and a goat. This president understands this lockdown is NOT about a virus.

  11. Well looking at the statistics of the virus one must remember the virus has been around since December 2019. Since then it has spread across the globe even in the lockdown precautions that w
    ere instituted by most affected countries. Yes currently the statistics show more people die from normal flu. More people die from malaria etc but what people fail to understand is that these other illnesses have stabilized and the figures in the statistics show deaths per year without trying to contain it.
    The current death rate is small by comparison because because most infected are being treated and quarantined.
    Imagine the death toll if this virus wasn’t fighting a worldwide lock down. Imagine all the people with compromised immune systems in each country dying without any treatment. The potential for this virus to kill is immense. For people not seeing this, to ignore it is absolutely stupendously idiotic.
    More than a quarter of the worlds population could already have been infected and cou;d have died a horrible death similar to slow drowning. The mask, the social distancing and hygiene is all we have to slow it down.

    1. Masks cause more problems by awakening latent viruses and bacteria..taking in co2 back to the lungs is just insane and people are already getting sick as a result…The same WHO now say that wearing them may not be helpful. Kudos Honorable Maghufuli

    2. Sadly, it seems the only way most people are going to learn how dangerous it really is is the hard way. I believe that masks and social distancing have slowed its rate of spreading. People here in the U.S. gathered en masse this past holiday weekend on beaches and at other public places as if Memorial Day was a day for celebration. I can’t help but wonder if this Memorial Day will go down in history as yet another example of mass human foolishness. We’ll soon find out.

    3. Vincent Kennard please provide evidence to justify your statements that lockdown has had a marked effect on covid-19. Even stabilized illnesses are more potent than covid-19 (which will obviously become even less deadly when stabilised) but you seem to be arguing that the opposite is true. Countries that did not lock down are now being held up as examples of how the problem should have been handled. It is absolutely stupendously idiotic to draw conclusions that you are alluding to, i.e. that more than a quarter of the worlds population could already have been infected and could have died…and that masks, hygiene and isolation are our only defences. Fact is, all of those and the accompanying stress undermine our immunity while THAT, our immunity, is our only real defense.

    4. The virus was no more than a common cold. Even with all the lies and treatment-induced deaths, the virus will not come anywhere close to the deaths caused by the lockdown. We will be suffering deaths from the lockdown for many years. I do not know if our leaders are as dumb as they appear fo be. I do know that the lockdown is the worst disaster the world has ever seen. We can not afford to subject ourselves to the kind of leaders that have lead us right off a cliff. We the working class people have to become self governing. We are the ones that produce all the goods and services that the wealthy enjoy in such abundance. We the working people have a difficult time providing out families with the basic necessities. We have allowed this to happen and it needs to stop.

    1. I live in America and kudos to this President! I have been trying to show people how low the numbers really are. They are ignorant. We are not even testing for anything else except CoVid! It is sickening. Most Americans actually believe masks work even though science has backed that one. It is sickening because I cannot even go to the stores to shop for food that I prefer because they require masks. I take my business elsewhere. The people here are being conditioned and don’t even know it.

      1. Bravo to the President of Tanzania, You are a true leader who obeys the Almighty God.We thank God to have a leader in Africa like you.Africa it’s the set time for you to Arise.

      2. Much more than an overreaction to Neil Ferguson/Bill Gates ultra exagerated modelization of supposed coming pandemia!
        Corruption and collusion are very plausible!

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