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American Costco worker hailed a “hero” after battle with customer over mask policy

An employee working for Costco has been praised on social media sites and hailed a “hero” after he calmly diffused an argument with an irate shopper who refused to wear a mask whilst shopping in the store.

The customer, who filmed himself without a mask, was in a queue for the checkout when he started arguing with the employee, named as Tison, who had politely asked him to put a mask on to protect himself and other shoppers. The customer replied that he would not do it, as he had woken up this morning in a free country. At this point Tison calmly agreed and wished him a nice day, but confiscated his trolley of purchases and told him that he would no longer be welcome in the store. Realising his error of judgement, the customer then said that his partner, who was wearing a mask, could pay for the goods. But it was too late, Tison had gone along with the customers shopping.

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