Anger in Gibraltar as police have to disperse 300 people from one area
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Anger in Gibraltar as police have to disperse 300 people from one area

300 people gathered at the Little Bay area in the southern part of the peninsula, Gibraltar police announced.

Litter and rubbish was also scattered everywhere in the aftermath, including beer and soda cans and empty fish and chips packets.

Gibraltarian police said via their website today:

“Despite the current Civil Contingency regulations restricting persons gathering in groups of more than 12, our officers, with the assistance of the Gibraltar Defence Police and HM Customs engaged with and dispersed over 300 people gathered at Little Bay last night.

“The large crowd were drinking alcohol and socialising in close proximity to each other and were not adhering to social distancing. Upon engaging with our officers they were fully compliant and dispersed from the area with access to Little Bay then restricted overnight, in order to prevent any further gatherings taking place.

“These types of gatherings in such large numbers are completely unacceptable and apart from being in breach of current regulations, they are contrary to Public Health advice to maintain social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Local cleaning service Brittania had to come in and wash the whole area which included not only litter, but having to disinfect the whole area for coronavirus reasons.

Gibraltar police added: “The public are advised that these types of incidents may lead to some areas being restricted or closed off in the future, as part of our continued community protection measures.

“The Royal Gibraltar Police are thankful to officers from the Gibraltar Defence Police and HM Customs, for their assistance and collaboration when dealing with this incident.”

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