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Anniversary Games Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

The Anniversary Games have been cancelled for this year, because of safety issues amid the coronavirus pandemic, UK Athletics confirmed.

The Games were scheduled for 4-5 July at the London Stadium,

Safety of the athletes, coaches and spectators were all considered before the decision was made.

Financial Impact

Joanna Coates, the UK Athletics CEO was disappointed at the outcome, and warned of the financial impact of cancellation.

Revenue from ticketing, broadcast and sponsorship helps administer the sport she explained.

And leads to the provision of governance services, that as a national governing body, they oversee.

Coates thanked commercial partners for their continuing support regardless of the situation.

But conceded that there would be a substantial reduction in income for the sport, due to the cancellation.

The Anniversary Games sprouted from the 2012 Olympics. And is now part of track and field’s Diamond League.

Stadium Issue

The cancellation may have averted a clash over use of the London Stadium.

Every summer UK Athletics modifies the arena for track and field competition.

Yet if the Premier League does resume in June, there could have been a conflict of interests.

As West Ham United play its home games at the stadium.

Premier League clubs have said they wish to complete the season playing matches as they were scheduled.

As opposed to playing matches at neutral grounds.


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