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BCC Business Group Calls For Clarity Over Coronavirus Update

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), has called for transparency from the  government over the update to the coronavirus response.

In his address to the nation, Boris Johnson said  you should now go back to work.

That is if you cannot work from home.

The prime minister specifically mentioned the construction and manufacturing sectors in his address.

Questions Need Answering

BCC Director General Adam Marshall said that companies need to know more detail over the proposed plans.

Practical questions need to be answered. In order for businesses to “plan to restart, rebuild and renew”.

Marshall explained: “Businesses will need to see detailed plans for the phased easing of restrictions, coordinated with all nations across the UK and supported by clear guidance.”

Advice is also necessary on what will need to change in the workplace.

Especially including clarity on the use of personal protection equipment.

Government Support Schemes

Companies will also need to know which government support schemes will continue.

The Job Retention Scheme, where 80% of salaries for furloughed workers is paid for, has covered 6 million workers.

The BCC has said this needs to be out in the open, so businesses can plan ahead with confidence.

Yet Marshall said that commerce in the shares the prime minister’s ambition to see more people return to work.

But this has to be achieved safely over the coming weeks.

Government Details to be Released

The full details of Boris Johnson’s announcement is expected in the next few days.

Overall, the speech from the prime minister attracted criticism for not being categorical on what the immediate future holds.

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