Beach restrictions as sunbathers roped off by police
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Beach restrictions as sunbathers roped off by police

Sunbathers free from lockdown enjoying the heatwave across Europe have to sit in individual roped off areas created by authorities, it has been reported.

Pictures have emerged of a beach in La Grande Motte, southern France, with roped off boundaries roughly 3 metres squared that need to be pre-booked.

It is a sign of the future as authorities take a grasp on any social restraints and limit people for the fear of spreading the coronavirus.

Local officials even created a one-way system to the sea so that people would not come too close together when they go for a swim.

The idea, which came on as an ‘experimental basis’, was put into action today.

Authorities will use the measures until June 2nd to see if it is necessary.

People who go to the beach can keep their spot from either 9.30am to 12.30pm or 2pm to 5.30pm, with a 90-minute break in between the two sessions. However, spots needed to be pre-booked in advance with authorities checking off the names of those listed.

The website who takes the online bookings for the roped-off sections state: ”We do not pretend to have found the perfect solution for beach lovers, but merely to test a model which allows you to put down your towel for sunbathing with maximum health protection.”

La Grande Motta is one area of the country in the ‘green zone’ enabling it to open it’s beaches.

THREE beaches were closed yesterday evening in the north-west of the country in Brittany as people did not stick to the proposed agreements.

Paris is one of the worst-affect capitals in the world with tighter restrictions and red zones where people cannot leave or enter without special authority.


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