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Benidorm Beaches will not have dividing screens when they reopen for holidays

With Benidorm’s Summer season approaching rapidly, Benidorm’s Mayor Toni Perez has stated that. “dividing screens as suggested by other provinces will not be installed on Benidorm Beaches”.

A plan is being drawn up for the possibility of reopening beaches in the normally busy resort to both maintain sensible distancing. In addition controlled  foot flow of the public around the beach areas.

Mayor Toni Pérez stated today that. ” the City Council will not install dividing screens on the beaches to establish social distancing. This has been proposed in other destinations. Because, in his opinion, it is not applicable to the reality of its urban beaches and the temperatures that can be reached on the sand.”

Screens if installed would restrict air flow and temperatures would become unbearable.

Even so, the mayor has assured. “that the city will have security measures that offer all the necessary guarantees of distance to users.”

The proposed plan will be presented for authorisation in June.

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