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Benidorm Holidays a step closer to reality? European countries showing lower covid#19 rates today

Many European countries are contemplating easing coronavirus restrictions after continued lower announcements in new cases and fatalities.

Benidorm Holidays a step closer to reality?

Spain's Benidorm Holidays

Spain, France and Italy have all announced their lowest daily fatality figures for week.

Spain has had a total of 25,264 fatalities to date. The significant drop to 356 from 838 the previous day is also noteworthy. On Sunday the figures were quite encouraging, with a notable fall in the number of deaths to 164 and the number of new cases to 838 which fell for the first time below 1000 since the State of Alarm was decreed. Social distancing is still in place, however, the public is now allowed to leave their homes with restrictions for the first time since the lockdown began. Masks are now compulsory when traveling on public transport as of today.

Spain's Benidorm Holidays


Italy, one of the worst affected countries is today opening Parks and Public areas. Some businesses are now allowed to reopen, and more mobility around areas has been permitted. With a total of 28,884 deaths, Italy is one of the worst affected countries in Europe. The UK unfortunately is very close to that figure now.

Spain's Benidorm Holidays


France has announced 135 fatalities, the lowest in two months. With  a total of 24,864 deaths to date, it will gradually lift lockdown measures from 11 May. Compulsory quarantine is still in place for travelers arriving from outside Britain or Europe’s Schengen open-border area.The two-week quarantine extends to all arrivals. Even French residents returning to their home country will be affected. This rule applies at present until the current state of emergency ends on 24th July.

Sibeth Ndiaye, speaking on behalf of the government said on Sunday “that a list of countries at risk would soon be issued”.

If other countries follow suit and contagion and fatality rates continue to drop, there is hope that travel restrictions will be relaxed sooner, rather than later. Spain’s Benidorm Holidays could be a step closer to reality!

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