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Benidorm Holidays In Spain Set To Change For A Long Time Says Travel Agent As Bookings Soar Today

Benidorm holidays, the most popular destination in Spain for UK holiday makers are set for large changes for a long time yet as bookings increase 67% today

Bookings today for Benidorm holidays soared 67% this morning as pictures were released of residents of all ages being allowed out of their homes after nearly 8 weeks of total lock down emerged in the media.

Travel agent Rian Rodber of Hayes travel told the RTN that as the pictures started to be released over the world wide web, bookings for holiday resort Benidorm took off.

” The bookings soared this morning and one of the main factors was the emergence of photo’s in the media of residents being allowed out, combining this with airlines EasyJet and Jet 2 confirming they will resume flights shortly and Boris Johnson announcing he wants Britain back to work by May 26th made a huge difference to confidence amongst our clients” said Rodber.

” Many are returning customers who book every year with us for Benidorm and we have been advising them, not to expect it to be same as normal, we have advised that social distancing will be in place in regards bars and restaurants  with limitations on numbers of who can frequent, the same goes for the normally packed beaches that will possibly have strong regulations and limits and that special patrol beach officers will be on duty ensuring that regulations are adhered to”

One of those who booked this morning was Welsh family the Evan’s from Taffs Well just outside of Cardiff who told the RTN how they can’t wait to roll out their bluebird towels on the sun beds once again:

” We go every year, we thought we might have to miss this year, seeing the pictures today though from Benidorm gave us the confidence to book up and pay, we are all big Cardiff City fans as a family and rolling out our Cardiff City beach towels we are looking forward to, especially as football we have been denied of as late, also we read in the Sun Newspaper that it’s going to be around 50p a pint, so thats going to be far cheaper that the ex serviceman’s club in Taffs Well thats for sure! – we can’t wait to get on the plane”

” we’ve already got our towels out this morning all they need now is the Benidorm sun bed” finished Stuart Evans

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13 Replies to “Benidorm Holidays In Spain Set To Change For A Long Time Says Travel Agent As Bookings Soar Today

  1. The biggest thing is people coming should not book All Inclusive holidays, this is the only way the small businesses will get back on their feet!! Either way the hotel will survive, but if you want Benidorm to bounce back this is the only solution 🤪☺️

  2. Can’t see it taking off like it’s being said.
    Giving it a miss this year, wlll let the more ‘trusting’ show us the way.
    50p a pint? Doubt it, half the pubs will have gone for good and those plodding on will be able to charge what they want.
    Hope I’m wrong but we’ll see.

  3. Great to support Benidorm & indeed Spain, to help them recover somewhat, PROVIDING! the Brits abroad syndrome, YES! you know who you are, don’t bring shame on the decent British holiday makers with your disgusting booze fuelled, violent, aggressive behaviour you love to display. The UK at the moment are the laughing stock of the world, and indeed all respect for us has gone. Don’t destroy us completely and show our European friends some respect. The authorities there, like all countries need to up the anti and come down hard on the ones whom have NO RESPECT! Lock you up, fine you big time, get you out their country with a lifetime ban and send you back on a plane, but preferably not back to the UK, but to a remote island. BEHAVE YOURSELVES IN BENIDORM and every other country for that matter. Much ashamed S Scott Torquay.

    1. Totally deluded no way will benidorm be the same ever again bars and restaurants are handing the keys in at record rate no way anyone going this year the Spanish have got Der way at last keeping it for themselves shame loved the place

    2. Well said Stuart. Agree wholeheartedly with you. Get the morons who bring shame and embarrassment banned for life from travel abroad, just confiscate their passport and never issue another.

      1. I have a home in Benidorm and can’t wait to get there I was supposed to go on the 21st of April but we were all in lockdown if I could get out there and my family we would be staying in a family home there and not causing any trouble for anyone I’m just lying there in the Sun that’s the most important thing my son-in-law has cancer and could do with going there for a few weeks to charge his battery is ready for his next lot of radiotherapyI’m so looking forward to it but I don’t know whether it will be this year with her they will let us in or not

    3. Basil fawlty torquay says it all ! Mug ! we go every year the ages are 20s to 70s all men who behave, you get fools anywhere in the world. European friends? VE day friday will they remember ? Idiot

      1. stuart its not just holiday resorts you get these things happening have a look at your town centre or any for that matter pipe down and get a grip i have been going abroad for 20 odd years with my mates yes we sometimss can be load but never once been involved in any trouble and been up to crowds of 50

    4. Stuart Scott, What’s all of the pantomime and aggression for ? Most brits are respectable abroad, like everyone else it’s only the tiny minority. Get down off of your high horse.

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