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Benidorm, Spain’s Costa Blanca’s Holiday Hotspot takes first cautious steps out of lockdown

Benidorm, Spain’s Costa Blanca’s Holiday Hotspot, is taking it’s first careful steps out of lockdown this week. Many cafes and bars with terraces and mid to large size shops are open in the town.

In a stroll around Benidorm’s Old Town this morning it was great to see a gradual restart to normal life. Social distancing and face masks were in effect for the majority of people that I saw.

I even had chance to grab a coffee with some friends I have not seen for nearly two months. One friend was very clear on his viewpoint of regulations as can be seen!

benidorm holiday
Portable Social Distancing PPE!

A pedestrianised road cutting through Benidorm’s Old Town, Tomas Ortuño seemed like a quiet bank holiday scene as opposed to the Ghost Town it has been recently under strict lockdown.

tomas ortuno
Benidorm Old Towns Calle Tomas Ortuño

Benidorm’s famous Walking Street

The Main Walking street connecting Calle Ruzafa to the park de Elche was positively alive this morning. Fantastic to see particularly for local businesses who have suffered immensely during this period.

As per the Spanish Health Ministries announcement recently, various parts of Spain are on staggered Phases of lockdown de-restictions. Benidorm comes under Phase 1 at present and hopefully will move forwards from there.

Official figures show as of today, total cases for Spain:

  • Infections 269,520
  • Deaths: 26,920
  • Recovered:180,470

Recent figures show less than 40 coronavirus related deaths in Benidorm since the outbreak began. With a resident population of approximately 70,000 registered people and many more unregistered with Town halls, this relates to less than 0.05%.

Approximately 30% of residents in the area are Ex Pats from the UK and other countries in Europe.

Facebook and Social media posts share news and photos of people enjoying both the sunny weather and a drink with friends and family. Police are carefully monitoring the social distancing regulations, and the Town hall has advised many businesses on best practices. Very few problems so far, seem to have arisen. Reports of a few larger terraces being shut down due to overcrowding and strangely enough, a lack of sufficient staff to serve customers!

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