Boris Johnson let off by police!
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Boris Johnson let off by police!

UK PM will not face charges by police over the mishandling of the public purse, it has been confirmed.

Boris Johnson has escaped investigation and subsequent charges where he was previously accused of using his position in power to allocate funds to friend and businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

It was alleged that the PM, who was London Mayor at the time, may have had a ‘possible romantic relationship’ with the American businesswoman and it emerged she was given more than £125,000 in British taxpayers money and privileged access to overseas trade liasons led by Mr Johnson.

Sources suggested the IOPC ( The Independent Office for Police Conduct) had found some evidence of a possible “intimate relationship” between the pair, but that it was “unnecessary” to launch a criminal investigation.

Last autumn, UK government auditors deemed that a  grant awarded to Ms Arcuri was “appropriate”.

The grant was £100,000 from taxpayers money.

Jon Trickett, the Labour minister for the Cabinet Office, said last autumn September when suspicions arose that: “Boris Johnson must now give a full account of his actions in response to these grave and most serious allegations of the misuse of public money in his former role as mayor of London.”

He added: “The public has a right to know how and why these funds were used for the benefit of a close personal friend without, on the face of it, legitimate reason.

“This cannot be swept under the carpet. It is a matter of the integrity of the man now leading our country, who appears to believe he can get away with anything.”

However, UK authorities deem there is nothing to answer to.

Arcuri’s company Innotech was also given £10,000 in sponsorship from a mayoral organisation in 2013. Johnson was also the guest speaker at several of its events, and appeared in a Google hangout alongside Arcuri.

Ms Arcuri has said any grants received by her companies and any trade missions she joined at the time of Boris being London Mayor were “purely in respect of my role as a legitimate businesswoman”.

The PM has previously said that “everything was done with complete propriety” when asked about the allegations.

Downing Street have yet to comment.

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