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Boris prepares plans to ease lockdown

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like to see people back at work by 26th May. Only if cases of the corona virus are low enough according to sources.

Mr Johnson and other cabinet members are hopeful to see some shops, factories and offices reopen on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday. But his plan is only the “best hope” and could, of course, all change if cases are to rise again. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday he said that

“it feels that we have come under a massive peak, like being in a long tunnel” but also warned of a second phase of COVID-19. He stated that we “have to be careful now not to run into an even bigger mountain”

According to a poll carried out 60% of Britons are worried about the lockdown being lifted and would feel uncomfortable doing what before felt normal. Like going to bars and restaurants. A cabinet source said that we now have to build peoples confidence as they have been terrified. We have to persuade them that it is fine to go back to normal.

Pubs, bars and restaurants are expected to remain closed and schools could return in June.

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2 Replies to “Boris prepares plans to ease lockdown

  1. 1is he mad in Spain it has been 8 wks and president is only now allowing adults out for a walk rynair airlines may not fly till July schools in Spain not going back till Sept and UK still people are dyeing at the minute what’s wrong with the man he will have an epidemic I tell you lifting lockdown too soon crazy

    1. Hello,to be honest I live in Manchester,and many have followed the lockdown
      But many have ignored it to
      I have only been out to go to work as I am classed essential and to go shopping on a Sunday
      But all in all this country’s lockdown compared to Spain has been one big joke
      I cleansed the parks and to be honest most days since lockdown I have seen only a small reduction in the amount of waste in the parks and bins
      The traffic on the roads is increasing every day
      In the supermarkets I go in social distancing is a joke as their is none once people in the actual shops
      If lockdown is lifted to soon I can honestly see a second wave coming,I hope I am proved wrong
      And it will be a lot more deadly
      The Spanish and expats have done what was asked of them in Spain and now the country is turning the corner
      As I say time will tell who got it right and who got it wrong

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