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Breaking: British travellers to Spain must quarantine for 14 days – Andalucia fights back

The Vice-President of Andalusia and the Spanish Prime Minister have butted heads over whether a 2 week quarantine should be in place.

Andalusia VP, Juan Marin, has told the Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez, that it ‘makes no sense’ to keep the quarantine and curtail tourism.

Only three days ago, Spain spoke out about how it wants to open it’s borders by the end of June as the country reduces the strict lockdown measures for tourists and to phase out any quarantines.

However, PM Sanchez won a fifth backing to extend the ‘state of alarm’ in the country, keeping non-vital visitors out of the country.

Officials in Andalusia have called it ‘wrong’ stating that tourism is vital to the largest region in Spain as millions flock to the sunny coastal and mountain areas every year.

The officials have stated they would rather have temperature checks at airports such as Seville and Malaga, stating these are more practical and will enable the economy to flourish.

They also argued to the government that visitors won’t fly here if they have to stay inside for 14 days, keeping the economy in a slump caused by the coronavirus.

Teresa Ribera Rodriguez, who serves as the Minister for Ecological Transition in Spain, has stated that the country is hoping to have the borders open to international travellers by July this year.


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