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Breaking: China confirms no news deaths since the outbreak of Covid-19 began

According to the Chinese government, they have recorded zero deaths in the last 24 hours from coronavirus.

It comes as this week there has been no rises in cases in the Wuhan area since the pandemic began there back in January.

In a statement from Beijing today the National Health Commission (NHC) said that there has been no new cases in the last day compared to four new cases the previous day.

It said, however, there were two new suspected cases: an imported one in Shanghai and locally transmitted case in the northeastern province of Jilin, though these are yet to be officially confirmed as Covid-19.

China has seen a sharp fall in locally transmitted cases since March as major restrictions on people movement helped it to take control of the epidemic in many parts of the country, with other nations across the world following suit.

In fact, countries who did not lockdown such as Sweden, now have the highest death rate per capita than anywhere on earth.

The number of confirmed cases on mainland China stands at 82,971 and the death toll remains unchanged at 4,634.

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