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BREAKING NEWS: Boris announces new UK lowering of restrictions

In a pre recorded statement to the nation, PM Boris Johnson stated.

“The UK is taking the first careful steps in easing the coronavirus lockdown”

A summary of the statement is:

From Wednesday you will be allowed to spend more leisure time outside. The government wants to encourage people to take more amounts of outdoor exercise providing they maintain the 2 meter social distancing guidelines.

People who cannot work from home such as manufacturing or construction personnel should be “Actively encouraged” to return to work from tomorrow.

Boris stressed “Now is not the time to end lockdown altogether, the government is taking the first careful steps to ease certain measures”

From Wednesday people can “Sit in the park, drive to other destinations and play sports but ONLY with members of the same household”

Fines will be increased for the small amount of people who disobey social distancing regulations.

The effects of these changes will be observed closely at local, regional and national levels. If problems arise, the government will not hesitate to put on the brakes.

Mr Johnson believes primary school children should return to school from 1st June at the earliest.

If containment is successful then Hospitality and Public areas could be re opened in July.

Quarantine of incoming passengers to the UK is still on the table.

A new 5 stage COVID Alert is in place with 1 being virus free and 5 being the most critical level. The UK is currently rated at level 4 and in the stages of moving to level 3.

Public transport should be avoided where possible to assist in maintaining social distancing.

Boris additionally stated.

“Throughout this period of the next 2 months, we will be driven not by mere hope or economic necessity. We are going to be driven by the science, the data and public health”

Whilst Britons can return to work from tomorrow, safety should still be a priority.  Employers are advised to get guidance on becoming “Covid Secure”

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