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Brexit doom: Brits banned from Spain

Thousands of British travellers hoping for their fix of Spanish sangria have been told no as Spain extend their ban on non-EU travellers coming into the country until mid June.

The news comes as a big blow to British nationals hoping that leaving the EU wouldn’t restrict their right to movement in popular destinations such as Spain.

Only members of the EU can fly in and out until then the Interior Ministry has confirmed via their Official State Bulletin released today.

The order means that both borders on France and Portugal are closed to ‘third party countries’ aswell as the Spanish-owned isles and the north African territories of Cueta and Melilla.

British nationals will not be allowed in from midnight tonight until the 15th of June, when the Interior Ministry will reassess.

Only EU member nationals who are residing in Spain may enter Spanish territory, and 3rd world parties such as Brits may only enter for strict reasons such as being humanitarian workers, airline personnel such as stewards and pilots, or diplomatic or consular workers.

The Spanish government said Brits can travel to Spain if it is a reason for the ‘upmost importance’ such as caring for a sick relative.

Gibraltar and Andorra are exempt from the rule as they have their own checks in place, with many British nationals working in Gibraltar but crossing daily to their residences in Spain.




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