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British Firms Say They Need Less Than Three Weeks to Restart Operations

A British Chambers of Commerce coronavirus tracker has found that most firms believe they can be operational within three weeks

The majority of companies surveyed, said that this would be the case if lockdown restrictions were eased.

A Quarter Need No Notice

For firms of all sizes, a quarter who took part in the tracker said they could resume their services immediately.

While 35% said they would be ready within a week.

Some of those questioned said they would need a bit longer.

Just under 30% said they would need between one and three weeks to begin again.

Yet to return to pre-coronavirus activity levels, would prove to be more difficult for some companies.

A total of 7% of firms declared that they would need between three and six weeks to restart.

Whereas 3% said they anticipated it would take more than three weeks notice

Smaller Business Can Restart Quickly

Almost two thirds of respondents, with less than 10 employees said they needed less than a week to restart.

In contrast, half of the enterprises with more than 50 employees revealed they required less than a week to be active.

Service Firms in Speedy Turnaround

Over two thirds of business service firms also said that they could start work again inside a week.

This compared favourably to business to consumer service firms, where half said they could return in the same time frame.

Overall the tracker poll surveyed 540 companies.

Nearly Three Quarters Use Job Retention Scheme

The number of firms applying for the government’s job retention scheme for furloughed staff, reached 74% of respondents.

A portion of their employees’ salaries would covered by the initiative.

The scheme appears to have been a logistical success.

As 59% said they have received payment from the HMRC.

The online portal to make applications for the government support, began on 20 April.

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