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British SME’s Fall Victim to Phishing Emails

Software research firm Capterra has found that a third of Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) have been attacked with “phishing” emails.

The attacks have increased as many British employees are now working remotely.

Capterra surveyed British SMEs on how they were coping with the transition to lockdown.

In total, 30% of respondents have fallen victims to phishing emails since lockdown.

Of those fake emails, 45% of them were related to coronavirus.

Phishing typically is when scam emails are sent in order to entice a click on an email or text message.

Or give sensitive information away, usually bank details are targeted.

Cyber Security Less Efficient

Capterra found in its study that cyber security needs to be toughened up.

Over a third of British SMEs (33%) have a main password that they use across multiple sites.

Also, over half of businesses share passwords.

While in 23% of cases, passwords were circulated between personal and business accounts.

According to what was revealed in the research, only 15% of respondents were considered to have strong passwords.

Key words which included randomised letters, numbers, and characters.

Password Advice Given

Capterra offered password advice in order to eschew any fraudulent behavior.

Such as using a different password for each account.

And making sure that the code word has between eight and 16 characters.

Combinations of small and large letters and letters and numbers is also recommended.

Using simple sequences such numbers one to five is to be avoided.

Plus avoiding names and personal references, such as significant dates like birthdays.

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