UK Restrictions could be eased
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Brits could have “unlimited exercise”

A cabinet meeting has been held on Thursday where ministers have discussed the easing of some of the harsh lockdown measures in place at the moment in the UK. One of the topics spoken about was letting Brits out of their houses for “unlimited exercise”.

Boris Johnson is due to speak to the nation on Sunday where he will outline his long term plan for bringing the country out of the lockdown. He has already told the cabinet that the government would proceed with ‘extreme caution’ in this so as not to risk a second outbreak of the virus. Ministers have repeatedly issued warnings that coming out of lockdown too early will cause problems and that social distancing will continue for ‘some time to come’. Reports indicated that other measures to come later in the year will include some sports, opening up of parks and picnic areas and pub and café gardens.

A spokesman at number 10 refused to comment, stating that Mr Johnson will lay out the plans on Sunday.

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