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Brits ignore lockdown as temperatures hit 26 degrees

UK Police tweeted a picture of a public park in London as Brits ignore lockdown and stated

‘Sadly we’re fighting a losing battle in the parks today. Literally hundreds of people sitting having pizza, beers, wines. As always a big thank you to those that are observing the guidelines.’

Police in Brighton stopped and fined drivers attempting to visit the south coast for a bank holiday break. Mobile Phone data shows more and more people on the roads and searching for directions.

The Metropolitan Police Federation (MPF) said that,

“despite its assertions to the contrary, the Government is sending out mixed messages. Had we been very stringent from the off – it is painful, but it’s not overly painful in terms of what you’re actually being asked to do – then I think we would have a better result now.”

Stephen Powis, national medical director of NHS England, said on Saturday

“that ‘there was a little bit of concern’ after the unseasonably warm weather drew big crowds to public spaces.”

In coastal areas the Coastguard said that

“on Friday it had the highest number of call-outs since lockdown began, with 97 incidents, 54 per cent more than the average of 63 recorded for the previous month.”

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