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Brits not allowed in Spain says European Commission!

British nationals will only be allowed to visit Spain if the UK’s Covid-19 numbers lower significantly it has emerged.

It comes as the EC (European Commission), who are responsible for legislation and treaties, set out a plan to salvage the summer.

They propose a phased approach across the European Union that does away with closed borders and restrictions on travel to help the tourism sector which has suffered greatly this year due to the coronavirus.

One of the points of the plan is to restore freedom of movement without restrictions on travelling within EU borders.

‘Free movement and cross-border travel are key to tourism,’ the EC announced.

They go on to say: ‘This approach must be flexible, including the possibility to reintroduce certain measures if the situation requires.’

Even though health authorities advise against lifting restrictions totally, the EC wants countries to take a coordinated and phased approach so that movement can be done safely and return to normal.

The first phase of the plan would be to completely lift restrictions between EU Member States who’s epidemiological situations are similiar and they are in the same phase of the pandemic.

The EC states that these plans means that ‘these guidelines will allow people to safely stay at hotels, camping sites, B&Bs or other holiday accommodation establishments, eat and drink at restaurants, bars and cafes, and go to beaches and other leisure outdoor areas.’

Brits under this plan, would not be permitted to visit anywhere in Spain or any other EU Member State unless their Covid-19 numbers were down and similiar to those they want to visit.

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