Brits set to be banned from visiting Spain’s Costa del Sol or Blanca when borders reopen as not part of Schengen Agreement

Spain is preparing to reopen its borders from early July – but Britons may have an extended wait before being able to travel there for holidays or to visit expat relatives

A reopening of borders, which have been closed since mid-March amid the pandemic, could initially be for Schengen countries only, according to Spanish foreign ministry sources.

There are 26 countries in Europe’s Schengen area, which ensures relaxed border crossings between members, and does not include the UK.

This has caused fury amongst ex pats on Spain’s Costas for various reasons.

Maggie Wilson from Benidorm said”I want to see my family again and what does a bit of water do to make a difference? I think this is the EU getting back at the UK over Brexit if I’m honest, all the countries have had the virus bad, not letting Brit’s in is just biased”

“Crazy ruling that will potentially kill my business, I run a British bar and need British customers, I can’t see the difference of allowing say Germans but not Brit’s, this just doesn’t add up at all to me” said British bar owner Kevin Davies.

Mike Kennedy also thought it was not correct and feared it would affect him ” I want to go home, I need a break away from Spain after this horrendous lockdown period we’ve had here, now I fear if the Brit’s aren’t allowed in we won’t be allowed out either, I’ve been here so many years now, nearly 50 I have a Spanish passport and my wife is Spanish also and I bet we won’t be allowed out”


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