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Care worker shunned from shop for wearing her work uniform

A care worker was dismayed and left feeling “humiliated” after being turned away from a convenience store on Friday for trying to enter wearing her carers uniform.

Emily Challinor aged 20 visited the Premier store on Wolstanton Road, Chesterton Staffordshire during a quick break from her long shift as she wanted a drink and some crisps to keep her going she said. She was aghast to find herself being turned away due to the owner saying she was a risk to her customers as she could easily be spreading the virus from someone she was caring for. The shopkeeper suggested that anyone wearing uniforms could ring up and place an order which could then be delivered to their car outside.

Challinor, of Burslem, said the owner asked her to wait until an existing customer had left the shop but then as I tried to go in again she asked me what sort of uniform I was wearing. I asked her to repeat the question and she said “well are you a carer or NHS?” to which I replied I was the former. That’s when she stated that no carers were allowed on the premises.

Ms Challinor said that she had been in the shop many times before in uniform and chatted to the owners. Having said that I won’t be going back there again. I have never felt so upset just trying to do my job. A spokeman for Premier said that care workers are asked to change before entering their shops, saying that a friend can come in to do the shopping or it can be delivered to their car. He also stated that it was in the best interst of all customers as care homes are a high risk area.

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