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Coming in to Spain’s Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca will see you in 14 day quarantine says Sanchez

A 14 day quarantine period has been announced by the Spanish Government that see’s from Friday anyone travelling to Spain will have to follow the process

People travelling to Spain, especially the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca face 14 days in quarantine whilst the state of emergency remains in place.

The state of emergency currently runs to the 25th of May whilst Prime Minister Sanchez may go for yet another extension, although there is much opposition against it from other parties and members of congress.

The news wasn’t greeted well by many expats on the coasts who feel its another set back, whilst others had the thought process of “Health over wealth”

Businessman David Thompson in Benidorm who travels back and forth normally to his UK financial services business told the RTN:

“It’s crazy really, its just delaying my movements and slowing down my business further, I can drive through France and enter the UK without quarantine period, but if I fly from Alicante say, I lose 14 days in the UK and now returning will lose me another 14 days, basically a month of my working life, it doesn’t add up to me, we all need to get back to work and the economy moving again as fast as possible, whether your business is in Spain or the UK it will just cause more delays”

The RTN also though spoke to hairdresser Mary Catton in Alicante who shared a totally different opinion who explained:

” I could open at the moment but haven’t as of yet, I prefer the safety factor with the thought process of health over wealth, every country for the foreseeable future should have a quarantine period for safety other wise the virus will never be killed off, I see now Wuhan has had a second spike and there is a perfect example, we must all be protected”

Political follower Paul Gregg based on the Costa del Sol though made a a very good point when he told the RTN:

” I can’t see Sanchez, even if he does try to call an extension, getting one, he struggled the last time and had to do deals to get it through, it just won’t happen in my opinion so in reality this will only last to the end of the month anyway so its no big deal”

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