Consumers Turning Away From Restaurants and Pubs Amid Coronavirus

YouGov research has revealed just how steep the decline in business could be for restaurants and pub chains.

The pollsters looked into the effect of coronavirus on consumer habits.

Compared to the same week last year, the number of Britons who said they would buy from a restaurant or pub chain fell dramatically.

Survey respondents were asked if they would be likely or very likely to purchase from a restaurant or a pub.

This would be over the next 30 days.

A year ago 50% said they would be almost certain to buy something from a restaurant or pub chain.

Currently just 20% said that they would.

More positively for the food and drink sector, this is an increase from 16% in the immediate aftermath of lockdown.

Many restaurants have now reopened for takeaway and delivery services.

Marks & Spencers has announced plans to reopen 49 of its cafes.

And McDonalds are piloting 15 restaurants from this week for deliveries only.

Brits Enthusiastic Over Big Chain Restaurants

YouGov also found that many consumers in the UK, could embrace takeaway services set up amid coronavirus.

In its Brand Index Consideration score, McDonald’s fared the best out of all of the major restaurant chains.

Around 30% of those asked, revealed that would consider the purchase of a Big Mac or other products.

Burger King, KFC, as well as Pret A Manger all announced that they would switch to takeout services by 16 April.

As a result Burger King saw a peak consideration score of 16.5, up from 10.3 earlier in April.

Pret A Manger saw a peak score of 17.7, climbing up from below 15 after the news of the partial reopening.

While KFC appear to have won consumer backing.

As its highest rating was just under 20, the fried chicken outlet sunk to below 15 soon after reopening.

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