however going into people's homes will still not be allowed.
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Coronavirus: New lockdown rules for Scotland

The Scottish parliament have announced that their lockdown restrictions will ease from this week.

Nicola Sturgeon told Holyrood there are to be five phase points, with the first phase hoping to begin on the 28th of May.

This first phase will include the reopening of drive-through food outlets such as seen in England this week, as well as garden centres and plant nurseries.

Teachers will also return to work in June to prepare for schools to open for the new year after the 11th of August.

Non-contact sports such as Scots favourite golf will be allowed to resume, the same as it has done in England.

However, “not every phase one measure will necessarily be introduced immediately”, Ms Sturgeon said.

The second phase could see Scottish people allowed to meet groups of family and friends outside, aswell as sunbathing, however going into people’s homes will still not be allowed.

Pubs and restaurants can also open outdoor spaces such as beer gardens, again with physical distancing and increased hygiene routines.

Phase three will see a resemblance of normality pre-corona pandemic as pubs and restaurants should open indoor spaces and “personal retail services” including hairdressers can open.

All appropriate social distancing and sanitation measures will be strictly in place.

Phase four will be reached when “the virus remains suppressed to very low levels and is no longer considered a significant threat to public health” the Holyrood decree announces, with “social distancing and safety the number one priority.”

Number five and the final phase will see mass gatherings resume, schools and childcare provision “operating with any necessary precautions”, and while working from home and flexible working will still be encouraged “all types of workplaces would be open in line with public health advice”.


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