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Coronavirus: UK beaches are ‘closed to visitors’ this bank holiday weekend.

The government have urged beachgoers to stay home in fears thousands will flock to the seaside towns this extended weekend.

Hastings Borough Council on the south coast of Britain has even said that the area is “closed to visitors from outside the town”.

Other beachside councillors and mayors have told people to ‘”think of others” also.

Social distancing measures are feared to be broken if the beaches get too packed, as seen on previous occasions.

Pictures of huge amounts of people flocking to beaches in Brighton and Southend in the last few days during the heatwave. have raised concerns over social distancing.

The UK’s Met Office is forecasting that temperatures could hit 26 degrees celcius in London on Monday, with coastal areas likely to see highs of around 20 degrees celcius.

The lower temperatures than mid-week this week won’t be enough to keep thousands of people at home if recent history of movement is anything to go by.

Councillor Carmen Appich, from Brighton & Hove City Council, urged anyone thinking of travelling to the city “to consider very carefully how their journey will impact on others”.

The Isle of Wight Council has told people that “the clear advice is that they should stay away.”

After pictures showed huge crowds  bombarding the beach at Southend earlier this week, the council’s leader said the easing of lockdown restrictions has put the council in a “very difficult position”.

“Wish you weren’t here!” is Sefton Council in Merseyside’s take on the picture postcard message it is sending to people thinking of travelling to its beaches from across the North West this weekend. Even in the humour, their message is clear.

Morecambe Bay and Blackpool councillors in the north have also stated that people should stay away.

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