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Costa del sol drug ring busted

Four French men of Arab descent living in Calahonda, who used a courier company to transport their drugs through Europe, have been arrested.

The operation carried out by Spanish police on the Costa del Sol seized 28 kilos of marijuana and hashish, four phones with various international contacts, scales and cash.

They also seized two vaccum packaging machines which are used by drug dealers to stop the packages smelling and being detected by police dogs.

As police conducted their operation, the four men, realising they were to be arrested, rammed a police car with their vehicle.

No injuries were caused .

They were arrested and charged with conspiracy to supply drugs and damage to a police vehicle and the safety of officers.

Police stated the four men used a courier company to transport the illegal drugs through Spain to their destination in France. It is presumed they received the drugs via north Africa where thousands of kilos of drugs arrive from each year.

In 2018 the Spanish government even had to call on the Guardia Civil to put troops on the streets of the Costa del Sol to fight the war on drugs.



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