Covid-19: China threatens world with retaliation
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Covid-19: China threatens world with retaliation

The outburst from China comes as 122 nations conspire together to start an enquiry into the coronavirus pandemic.

The countries, all mobilized by UNESCO in March to find cures and solutions to the pandemic, have now called on the People’s Republic of China to answer questions about how the virus originated there.

It is headed by Australia who were the first to ask for an independent enquiry with Aussie PM Scott Morrison demanding answers. This has sparked anger from China however, European nations have been doing the same and together Australia and the EU have managed to rally international support.

They’ve got backing from the UK, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and Turkey  but so far the United States has not joined the growing outcry.

Australia has been one of the most vocal and early advocates of an independent investigation into the origins of where Covid-19 came from, with China claiming it was a political “manoeuvre” against Beijing.

China may proceed with a plan to impose steep tariffs with Australia on barley and other crops, with key Australian ministers reporting they have struggled to secure phone calls with their Chinese counterparts.

With world committees gathering this week to attend a two day meeting with the World Health Organisation, queries will no doubt arise for a systemic review of the world’s response to Covid-19.

The world waits with baited breathe to how such a powerful national as China will respond.

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