ZERO coronavirus deaths in Spain yesterday for first time since pandemic starts
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Covid-19 Death toll in Spain drops to lowest figure since March

Spain PM Pedro Sánchez has announced that 87 people with coronavirus have died in the last 24 hours , the lowest number since March 16.

The figures were released by Sanchez after a meeting with autonomous regional leaders such as Andalusia’s President Juan Manuel Moreno.

The 87 deaths are the lowest number across Spain since two days before the nation went into a strict lockdown to avert the crisis as European neighbour’s Italy went into meltdown.

Seven days ago saw the curve begin to flatten inspite of the country coming out of lockdown with only 143 deaths recorded in huge contrast to daily mass deaths just eight weeks ago.

In Spain there have been 27,650 deaths in total, 231,350 infections confirmed by the Interior Ministry and 149,576 cured.

Out of these, Andalusia has currently 1,344 deaths with 12,401 cases confirmed in total.

The capital Madrid has the highest number of cases with 66,005 and 8,809 deaths.

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