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Crown Prosecution Service Charged People Wrongly Over Coronavirus

The Crown Prosecution Service has admitted that all cases of those who were charged under the Coronavirus Act, were wrongly incriminated.

Overall, out 44 cases, 31 were eventually withdrawn.

And 13 were returned to court and then withdrawn.

The Coronavirus Act of 2020 is aimed at potentially infectious people.

In particular, those who have refused to cooperate with police or public health officials.

When they are required to be screened for Covid-19.

So far no one have been prosecuted for not adhering to the Coronavirus Act.

Gregor McGill, CPS Director of Legal Services, said: “The CPS and our police colleagues are committed to ensuring our use of these new powers strikes the correct balance between public safety and acting in the interests of justice.”

Fewer Contravened Health Protection Regulations

In total there were 187 cases over the Health Protection Regulations.

Of which 175 were charged correctly.

Seven of the cases were eventually withdrawn.

While a further five charges were returned to be reopened by the court, and then were revoked.

Regulations Assess Activity Outdoors

The Health Protection Regulations were created to monitor people of why there were outside of their homes.

The regulations would apply to anyone who was found away from their homes without a reasonable excuse

Travelling going to work, exercising or caring for the vulnerable were the permitted reasons to leave home.

Violations of the regulations have included a group of people from Leicester going to London for a party.

And young people in a park, who were drinking and deemed to be showing anti-social behaviour.

They returned to the park, after being moved on by police.

Some were also charged for wandering around town centres, after being warned to go back home.

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