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Elton John says he saw the Queen slap her nephew after he ignored her

In Elton John’s new memoir he has written, called “Me”, he has spoken about being at a garden party at the Palace with the Queen, her sister Princess Margaret, and Margaret’s two children, Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones.

Her Majesty allegedly asked Viscount Linley to go and check on his sister who was feeling unwell. As he tried to fob her off and ignore her demand she gently slapped him round the face after every word of her demand. She said “don’t argue with me, I am the Queen”.

Apparently the Queen saw Elton witness the episode and winked at him. He said “I know the Queen’s image shouldn’t be one of wild frivolity but in private she could be hilarious”.

It does not appear that the Queen has issued any formal statement confirming or denying the stories in Sir Elton’s book to date !!

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