Expat bars on Spain's Costa del Sol say they 'cannot reopen'.

Expat bars on Spain’s Costa del Sol say they ‘cannot reopen’.

Whilst larger restaurants across the region look to reopen, smaller terraced ‘ex-pat’ bars say they cannot reconsider reopening.

Whilst some bars and restaurants welcome the news of opening their doors with open arms some have some that it is ‘not viable’.

Owners of these establishments, many from foreign climes who have emigrated to the Costa del Sol and Blanca, said they cannot work at 100% whilst only receiving half of the income due to half of terraces being closed and social distancing being in place.

Some are even afraid to open their bars and restaurants due to images recently of fights and people not adhering to social distancing measures and receiving fines from police.

Establishments in Malaga province are allowed to open their bars once again.

It comes as MAHOS (The Association of Hoteliers of Malaga) launched a campaign this week called ‘I fulfill, you fufill’ in a hope to remind restauranteers and hoteliers to apply common sense and to abide by government rules when reopening this week.

Establishment were barred from offering drinks and food on terraces however, having moved into Phase 1 these are now allowed.

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