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Expats in Spain’s Mallorca get no assistance as their daughter is left stranded sofa surfing as even friends on the Costa del Sol can’t help

Expat’s Annis & Joanne Abraham get no assistance as their daughter is left stranded in the UK sofa surfing as she’s not allowed to reunite with her family.

Annaise Abraham who’s has just turned 19 is studying hard at Bristol University for her law degree and the University remained open whilst Spain’s Mallorca went into a hard lockdown.

Annis With His Daughter Annaise

The University was the last one in the UK to shut down, and retained students by administering lectures on line to their halls of residence, as Annaise is a determined student desperate not ever to miss lectures as she seeks the highest honours in her law degree, she ignored her Father’s advice to return home.

The Abraham family, who have not seen their daughter since Christmas when she was last on what is now an embargoed Island are missing her badly, especially here two sisters Tilly aged 10 & Alexandra 14.

The Family Were Last Together At Christmas

Whilst the family have been in touch with both the British and Spanish Embassy’s it appears there’s nothing that can be done for the 19 year old as she doesn’t hold residency to Mallorca due to being a resident of the UK whilst she studies, where as the family are all residents.

At present the Spanish and Mallorcan governments  are not allowing non residents to enter the country, this has left the young Annaise having to “sofa surf” in South Wales despite plea’s from the family to the government.

The Three Sisters When Last Together

“They have been very nice and sympathetic but they say there is nothing they can do to reunite Annaise with us her family, the family haven’t seen her since Christmas, I last saw her in February  as I fly back to watch the mighty Cardiff City every three weeks with Annaise who is also a loyal fan and season ticket holder” said Father Annis Abraham:

“I was hoping that they could look at the situation as I don’t really like the thought of my daughter having to sofa surf during the crisis but thankfully I have some good pals at home who watch out for her, but I still feel she should be allowed to return to her family”

Meanwhile Tilly just aged 10 also told the RTN exclusively ” I want my big sister to come home, I maybe only 10 but I watch the news with my mummy and know what’s going on, I only want my sister to be safe and the safest place would be with my mummy and daddy”

Whilst older sister to Tilly, Alexandra said “I wish they would allow an exception, we need our sister with us, I don’t like the thought of Annaise being in the UK because they haven’t locked down properly, my dad is always on about it and I agree with him”

” We speak with Annaise everyday and even do a quiz online some day’s but its not the same, we just want her home”

Mother Joanne finalised with the RTN as she sat on her balcony with a large glass of red wine to calm her nerves (or so she said) ” Hopefully it won’t be long now as the lockdown here starts to unwind and we are now at least out for a stroll and exercise but it’s been very distressing not seeing our lovely daughter since Christmas although I know she’s a bright girl and is in safe hands”

Friends on the Costa del Sol have even tried to assist but to avail as they thought it possible to get her at least into Spain but too that plan failed, we wish the Abraham family well at the RTN and hope they can be reunited soon.


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