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Expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca hope Prime Minister Sanchez FAILS tomorrow as they want Benidorm holiday makers back now

Expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca are hoping Spain’s Prime Minister fails tomorrow in parliament to get a 4th extension voted in

Tomorrow Sanchez Spain’s Prime Minister goes to parliament to request a 4th lockdown extension although this time he is facing large opposition for other party members in the political opposition.

Expats based in Spain’s Benidorm on the Costa Blanca are hoping that he fails and that they can get on with life normally after a long lockdown.

” We need to be open and open now, the lockdown is killing the area and finishing off businesses – Sanchez is dragging this out, I’m glad to see the opposition are standing up to him, I hope they defeat him tomorrow and then we can get back to normal quickly rather than this phase nonsense” said expat and political follower Steven Williams.

Meanwhile accountant Marco Simmons was of the same thought: ” This is typically Spanish isn’t it really? we need the holiday makers back as soon as possible and to prepare for that we need preparation to open and that’s now, I really think he will be defeated in parliament tomorrow when he asks for the 4th extension, asking for a 4th is taking a liberty in my book, he’s not the one suffering like us, he’s starving us of business now and sending good people bust, he needs to follow the lead of Boris Johnson and get Spain back to work”

” He’s made a lot of promises and mistakes, he locked down too late and now he’s extending it too long, we need to get back on our feet, I hope he fails tomorrow and the people hit the streets”

All will soon be be revealed tomorrow as Sanchez is expected to ask for the request around 2pm and then address the nation.

A defeat for Sanchez could see normality return quicker than thought if he fails to get the support he requires and a 4th extension is voted out.

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6 Replies to “Expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca hope Prime Minister Sanchez FAILS tomorrow as they want Benidorm holiday makers back now

  1. You say Sanchez should follow Boris’ lead. As you obviously support Boris’ stance, which of course includes Brexit, come back to little Britain where you belong and leave Spain and the rest of the EU to carry on as they elect.

  2. Absolutely disgusting, they are putting economy before life.
    Most ‘UK immigrants’ support Sanchez and have respect for other people’s health.

  3. Just goes to show how many idiots still in Benidorm, self centred imbeciles. Why would you want the UK tourists over at the moment while they are going through the worst period of Covid yet?

  4. Any decision has to be based on sound scientific and medical advice. So many are suffering financially, but to resume “normality” before it’s safe to do so will result in many more deaths and a resumption of the lockdown.

    1. Perhaps open for Spanish visitors but I don’t think non essential travel will happen between countries for a long time. We have flights booked for October so fingers crossed.

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