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Four hours max at the beach on Costa del Sol- Junta rules out today

New rules out today by the Junta de Andalucia on the Official State Bulletin, suggest the maximum amount of time at the beach and to shower before leaving the house.

The Parliament of Andalusia recommend only four hours maximum at the beach in the morning or afternoon to prevent congestion and to shower before going into the sea.

The Junta also state that anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and to not risk infecting others.

With the reopening of beaches this week, the Spanish department of health have laid out guidelines for residents on the Costa del Sol to follow with the Junta arguing that “the situation provoked by the Covid-19 crisis supposes a threat to the health and security of beachgoers and that the competent authorities must work towards minimising the risk of transmission whilst also guaranteeing a good service.”

Other suggestions laid out by the authorities are:

Only one towel per person.

Use hand hygiene and sanitisers.

To avoid touching one’s mouth and face.

And to adhere to the correct social distancing protocols.

The beaches have also been stated as having opening and closing times and that the four hour maximum rule is so everyone can benefit from time at the beach especially after two months of strict lockdown across the region.

The Board has also proposed that children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult during their time on the beach and that air inflatables may be banned.

Entry and exit points will also be regulated on the beaches by authorities.


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