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Full golf courses, packed buses and offices-a look at England’s new ‘lockdown!’

Pictures have emerged of hundreds of golfers enjoying a round in large groups and transport and offices packed with people after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

England’s coronavirus lockdown has been eased to allow some people to return to work – while you can now meet one person from another household.

Yet pictures suggest people continue to flout rules angering citizens who still feel the strict lockdown should have been extended.

People have taken to twitter to suggest the government have overlooked the safety of people especially after a second wave of the virus has struck residents of the city of Wuhan where Covid-19 is said to have originated.

The British government have stated clearly that those who break the two-metre social distancing rules will be fined of a minimum of £100 and urged people not to take public transport.

People can have unlimited excercise compared to the once a day seen over the last few months and people can meet one other person from another household.

The government says those who cannot work from home should go back to work today and estate agents are allowed to open from today

Golf, tennis and angling are also allowed aslong as social distancing is met.


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