Gibraltar to test people daily for Coronavirus
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Gibraltar Authorities to test people daily for Coronavirus

A portion of the Gibraltar populace are to be tested for Coronavirus every day, it has been confirmed.

St Bernard’s hospital, in the Reclamation Areas part of the peninsula, will conduct the testing on 1% of the population daily.

A high-tech lab has been created and could be up and running by next week, officials say.

Earlier this week, Acting Medical Director Dr Krishna Rawal said 35,000 tests have been ordered and will be delivered in the next few weeks. He indicated that as many as 500 people could be tested in a single day, although it would be an enormous task.

All tests will be conducted with consent and ministers have rurge citizens to come forward in the hope of preventing spread and to find an ultimate cure for the disease.

The test will show antibodies and show whether someone had the virus previously.

The tests may also help the authorities to know when coronavirus first appeared in Gibraltar.

The planned procedures come as Gibraltar comes out of it’s lockdown phase and the Gibraltarian government has also published its Unlock the Rock document, giving details of the phased easing of restrictions.

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