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Global death toll of virus begins to slow

Data is showing that the worldwide death toll of the coronavirus is beginning to slow down. While there have been over 200,000 deaths from it so far, this is good news and shows that the strict lockdown procedures that have been adopted are actually working.

Europe has been the worst to suffer, with Italy and Spain among the 2 highest recorded countries. But weeks of strict lockdowns are now paying off with the slowing up of the spread of the virus. Latest figures show that the UK has the 3rd highest fatality rate, with only Italy and the US showing more.

While numbers of deaths are still rising most countries that have implemented the social distancing rules are now seeing decline in the daily growth rate of deaths, mirroring China after Wuhan was locked down.

NOTE: Charts using rolling average figures show vague trends not hard facts. ALL data should be approached with caution.

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