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Greggs U-Turn on Reopenings

Bakery chain Greggs has revealed that it planned reopening for next week will now be behind closed doors.

Initially it planned to open 20 stores, even during lockdown, in the Newcastle area.

It was part of a plan to roll out a controlled trial of opening branches, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to fears that operational branches would attract an overflow of customers, the retailers have now changed its mind.

Greggs will now open its doors again with no customers present.

This will enable the reopened stores to test safety measures, before any members of the public are allowed in.

Greggs Continue to Review

In a released statement, Greggs said that it would continue to review its reopening policies.

Customers will be allowed to browse into Greggs’ shops, but only when the company is confident over safety.

Yet the chain is unsure as to when that will happen.

It is thought that if trials are successful, then up to 700 stores will be reopened.

But government announcement could stop any plans to serve customers again.

Food Retailers Looking to Reopen

Greggs is following in the footsteps of many other major food chain restaurants.

McDonald’s have reopened a branch this week. But is for safety operational purposes only.

Social distancing measures are being explored for now, the burger chain giant has explained.

KFC has also made a move, by opening 20 of its restaurants.

Although only takeout and delivery services are available at the moment.

Burger King and Pret a Manger has also opened some sites for food and drink to go.



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