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Heathrow Boss Claims Social Distancing “Impossible” at Airports

Social distancing cannot work on any form of public transport let alone aviation, Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye has asserted.

In an interview with the Press Association news agency, Mr Holland-Kaye said that airports will have to introduce health screening.

Passengers will also have to wear face masks.

Airports will have to decide how many people can safely go through an airport.

As opposed to how many people can be placed onto a plane.

Airlines React to Coronavirus

Many airlines which operate in the UK, are now beginning to catch their breath amid the challenges that surround coronavirus.

Easyjet have previously stated that the middle seats on its planes will remain empty when flights resume.

While Ryan Air supremo Michael O’Leary has backed the introduction of temperature checks.

Anyone who has a temperature of over 38 degrees, should not be able to pass through an airport.

Airlines UK Anger at Government

Meanwhile, industry trade body Airlines UK has hit out at government policy over coronavirus.

Its has been speculated that a 14 day quarantine measure will be brought in.

This will be for all passengers entering into the UK.

The airline association argued that such a measure would kill the air travel industry in the UK.

Holidays are going to be far less appealing, if normal life cannot be begin until after 14 days have passed.

Business travel would also be severely restricted, due to enforced time in isolation.

Therefore placing passengers in quarantine will have a negative impact on the UK’s economic recovery. After the peak of the virus has passed.


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