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Iberia flight passengers packed in like sardines from Madrid to Gran Canaria

A recently shared social media photo shows the cramped conditions on an Iberian flight from Madrid to Gran Canaria.

The measures required by Airlines published by the BOE bulletin appears very vague. “Safety rules required are under the Regional Governments control of The Canaries and Balearics.”

An investigation is underway by the Ministry of Transportation and flight manifests and other information has been requested. Question arise concerning control of infection on the 70% full flight.

Iberia Express stated yesterday “that it had met with the guidelines included in the state of alarm and added that it has a coronavirus action plan that guarantees the safety of its passengers. All of the necessary safety requirements were implemented”.

Many passengers complained on social media that social distancing requirements were impossible to implement.

Spain’s civil guard have filed a report with central government.

Regulations about flights between the Iberian peninsula with Spain’s Canary and Balearic islands are still unclear.

Flights to the islands are permitted providing passengers can verify reasons for traveling. Tourism to the island is still prohibited

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